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Hungry Girl, is a website set up to provide you with latest diets and low cal ideas for dinner etc... There are weekly weigh-ins and chats to join. Check out this fun website!
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Caramel Apples !!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be offering my caramel apples again this fall !!!

Dates available to order - Sept. 14 - Nov. 30 ONLY
Price - $5 per Caramel Apple
Types available - Chocolate Chip Drizzle, M&M, and Apple Pie * (which is the favorite!)
PICK UP ONLY available. I apologize, but I will not be making deliveries this year.

For LARGE orders,(over 50) please allow 2 wks notice.

Caramel Apples are a perfect FALL seasonal treat! Excellent for teachers, employee's and those Halloween & Thanksgiving parties.

For those who wish to place an order, please email me directly -

All caramel apples are individually wrapped and tied with seasonal ribbon. Example - October, you can request - Halloween ribbon. If you are doing a birthday, please let me know the theme of the birthday, and I will match the ribbon color the best I can.


JenniBeanV said...

Oooh! I think I would even be close enough to pick up! LOL!

Want to know something sad? I am allergic to apples. What kind of teacher is allergic to apples?

Mama Les said...

You are actually the SECOND!!! I know of another teacher that is allergic to apples!! LOL how funny. Yes, you are close enough to pick up! --so if you want to order, please just email me. This will be a great season for apples.

Laurie said...

They look delicious!!! I guess I would have to be a ship person...

Dee said...

those apples look so good! I tried to make some one year, they were good, but didn't look good if you know what I mean! I hope you get a lot of sales!