Fun New Website!!

Suggsested new website: Okay, I just came across this fabulous website, which you can buy T-shirts, that say "Mommy needs a cocktail" !!! LOVE IT!!!! They have blogs and lots of fun mommy banter. Check it out -

from my sister-in-law....
Hungry Girl, is a website set up to provide you with latest diets and low cal ideas for dinner etc... There are weekly weigh-ins and chats to join. Check out this fun website!
~ Thanks Brenda!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Caramel Apples !!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be offering my caramel apples again this fall !!!

Dates available to order - Sept. 14 - Nov. 30 ONLY
Price - $5 per Caramel Apple
Types available - Chocolate Chip Drizzle, M&M, and Apple Pie * (which is the favorite!)
PICK UP ONLY available. I apologize, but I will not be making deliveries this year.

For LARGE orders,(over 50) please allow 2 wks notice.

Caramel Apples are a perfect FALL seasonal treat! Excellent for teachers, employee's and those Halloween & Thanksgiving parties.

For those who wish to place an order, please email me directly -

All caramel apples are individually wrapped and tied with seasonal ribbon. Example - October, you can request - Halloween ribbon. If you are doing a birthday, please let me know the theme of the birthday, and I will match the ribbon color the best I can.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Older kids at the park......

Okay, so I know older kids can go to the park.... and I know older BOYS are more likely to be running around calling each other names, but do they have to call MY son a name? ....

The kids and I went to a local park today to get some fresh air & burn off some energy before nap time. My son who is ONLY 3 1/2 saw these older boys (about 7-9 yrs old) playing and chasing each other. I could tell my son, wanted to join in with the BIG kids.

I sat on the bench quietly w/the baby, and watched from my seat. - My 2 1/2 yr old daughter didn't journey far off from me, which is normal, she usually stays close by.

So, I am watching, and I see my son sort of follow the older kids. As if he was part of the play, but not really involved. When one of the older boys figures out that my son is following them, and yells out (and points his finger at him!) "HEY - YOU ARE A BABY -- BOOBOO".


My son turns around and looks at me with the most humiliated look on his face, and says in frustration "Momma, that was really mean!". ...... "I know honey, it was!" I said.

So of course the super natural powers of my deceased Italian mother comes through, and I follow the older boys through the park., when I see the boy who yelled at my son, go through the slide.... (that's it! --I've got him now! I think to myself) when I stand at the bottom of the slide, my son & daughter next to me, and I am holding the babe .... I surprised this older boy as his feet come shooting out the slide and his face looks up at me in shock - I say:


A little voice (much nicer then the one he used when he was name calling) says "sorry".

I might be considered a bit crazy... and a bit ridiculous. I know.... I know....

And yes, I do understand that he will go through many more times in his childhood, where I won't be there to defend him, but he is ONLY 3 1/2 and I can still take care of my baby boy! xooxox

ps - As I was leaving the park, the older boys were yelling at each other in swears! Using the F word so casually. As the moms sit on the bench paying no attention to it. I am all for having some free time to chat w/other moms, and let the kids play , but COME ON, there are times when you need to step in as a parent and teach our children RIGHT from WRONG.

This just is another page in my book of learning how to raise a boy.????? I really have NO idea what the heck I am doing! .................... oh what obstacles I have ahead of me!

Friday, August 22, 2008


"Hips Don't Lie"

We survived, as my friend said early this am........ We tried the ZUMBA class at a local gym last night. ---- HOLY CRAP! .... I have never shaken my ass as much as I did last night. I actually think the instructor (who had a black hat on, and microphone, -AKA Janet Jackson) some how thought we could shake our ass like SHAKIRA. ....... I am sorry, last time I checked, I have an Irish & Italian heritage not COLOMBIAN!

I think I must have sweat off at least 5 lbs..... It was probably the best work out, I have ever had. Highly recommend it !!!! .....

It lasted for about 50 min. - I had to take a break after about 35 min, my chest & lungs were soar, - which I told my girlfriend, that I just might have a heart attack!

For those who have never heard of ZUMBA --- here is a little preview I found on UTUBE for all of you to view......

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yesterday was our Mommy Needs a Cocktail party!

It was a lot of fun, and many many cocktails later, we sold about $400 in sales! As always 10% of their proceeds go to the charity of my choice. I will be choosing the charity - Birthday Wishes.

We sold items like T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, Tank Tops, Magnets etc... All with fun sayings like "Mommy Needs a Cocktail" and "Mommy needs a Beer", and "Mommy needs a glass of Wine" etc..... they have some really cute items to choose from.

We did find the t-shirts a bit on the smaller size, but the website & information packets they sent to us did state that the t-shirts were a full size smaller then an average size. Therefore I suggest to those who are planning one of these parties, to order XL or 2XL for the T-shirts, or order a "REGULAR T-shirt" instead of the baby t's, or the S/S t's. -- The ringer T's are fitted, and a lot smaller then we expected.

If you'd like to throw a party - you contact them at and let them know the date of your party, the # of people you are expecting, and a CC#, and what items you'd like to have at the party. They send you the box of goodies, with a price list $, and an inventory sheet on whats inside the box.

The best part of the whole experience (aside from the actual cocktails consumed that afternoon) was the fact that they sent me the postage stamps to send the box back. So, it doesn't cost me anything!!! $$$$ ..... (well, if you don't count the items I bought for myself!)

We did end up having a few questions ??? -- throughout the party, that we could not find answers on the website. Such as -

1) What type of CC they except?

2) Who to make the checks out to?

3) Long sleeve shirts, are they available, and for what cost? $

I have already been in contact w/them, and they assured me they would get back in touch with me soon.

These girls who created this company, are soo nice, and understanding. I hope their company becomes a huge success!!!! I can't wait until some of my girlfriends throw their own party!!!

Thank you to all you momma's that came yesterday, and enjoyed the cocktails!!!! I look forward to wearing my T-shirt proudly!

xoxoxo Mama Les

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Food Allergy Walk!

The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network
Walk for Food Allergy: Moving Toward A Cure™
Sunday Sept. 21, 2008
Hopkinton State Park
Check in begins at 9 am - Walk begins at 10 am
2 Miles
Team O'Neill
We are going to put on our sneakers this fall !!! --- We just registered the family to walk the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network walk on Sept. 21st. Children and babies can be involved as well. We plan on dressing up our strollers and joining the fun!
On my page you will see a pic of my son Jake. Jake was diagnosed with food allergies at 18 mnths. Jake has a sever allergy to Tree Nuts & Bananas. (He also has a slight allergy to dog saliva & play dough. ) Jakey's allergies are something that is NEW to us, and the family. He is the only one in our family that has any sort of Nut allergy. If any of you have a NUT allergy you know that it is an extremely serious & dangerous allergy. We carry a child's Epi Pen with us wherever we go, just in case.

Help Me Reach My Goal!
I recently accepted the challenge to participate in the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network’s (FAAN’s) Walk for Food Allergy: Moving Toward A Cure. The event will raise funds to find a cure for food allergy and to educate others. FAAN’s mission is to raise public awareness, to provide advocacy and education, and to advance research on behalf of all those affected by food allergies and anaphylaxis.
Please support my fundraising efforts with a donation. Your tax-deductible gift will make a difference in the lives of the estimated 12 million Americans with food allergies and their families. It is faster and easier than ever to support this great cause; you can make your secure credit card donation by selecting the Support Me button.

30th Bdy Night Out ....

Okay, well I have officially recovered from my Sat. night out w/the gang. My husband planned (along w/a help from the girls) a get together at a local Tiki Hut for drinks (and shots) & apps, for my 30th Birthday. There ended up being about 20 of us total. It was a blast. I desperately needed some time to let loose, and feel young again (even at 30).
The girls came up with this funny idea of creating PINS that had a very OLD picture of me on it, with cute little sayings like - "Mama Les is looking good at 30", and "29 Again - Talk about Recycling", and "Born in the USA -30 yrs ago". It was a riot.

The night was so much fun, we laughed, we danced, we drank, we ate, we sang.... We took LOTS of pictures. I will look back on this night with much Joy and Happiness!!!! This was a great way to enter my 30's. And who better to do it with then the friends you love so much.
Who knows when we all we be able to get a babysitter, and get out again like this soon?... It might be a very long time.
My husband had ordered 3 dozen of my favorite frosted brownies and brought them to the bar so everyone could enjoy them. (how thoughtful !!) He really was trying to make this a special night. And he succeeded!!!!
A big shout out & a big THANKS to everyone who made this such a fun evening!!!!! xooxoxo

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Please support our team!

Walk Now for Autism - Sunday Oct. 19th, 2008.
Suffolk Downs -East, Boston.
Walk starts : 10:30 am

Please support me in walking for this very important cause. If you would like to donate , or join us in the walk please visit their website.
We are on the team called - "Declan's Pit Crew". You may join the team in walking, or you can support a walker like myself.

To visit our team page "Declan's Pit Crew" - go to -

"About Walk Now for Autism: Walk Now for Autism, the nation's largest grassroots autism walk program, is Autism Speaks' signature fundraising and awareness event, taking place in communities across the United States, as well as in Canada and the United Kingdom. Powered by volunteers and families with loved ones on the autism spectrum, this successful grassroots fundraising effort not only generates vital funds for autism research but also raises awareness about the increasing prevalence of autism and the need for increased research funding to combat this complex disorder."

Thank you.

For all of those who have asked to see some recent pics.....

Drooly Drooly.......
My 3 favorite little gremlins.

A little "sister" time together...

SHe has found her hands.....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Goodbye 20's, Hello 30's!

Today is my LAST day in my 20's! I turn 30 tomorrow, Aug.5th. It has been one busy decade. Lets look back on it, shall we? ......

- Dated a boy who was a few years older then me. Fell in love. Broke up, dated others, got back together with him, stayed in love with him, married him! (still in love)xooxxo

- Ate a LOT of chocolate.

- Bought a house built in 1880. Constantly doing "projects" every year.

-Tried Wind Surfing (could not do it).

- Was married at age 24 in the same church my parents were married in, and my grandfather built.

- Delivered 3 beautiful babies, via epidural ! -- Now 3 1/2, 2 1/2 and 3 mnths.

-Locked myself (and kids) out of the house a few times... Taught my son how to crawl in through the window & get in & get my keys.

-Weight ranged from 130 -210 at my highest (9 mnths pregnant w/my 3rd baby).

- Had many jobs including Bartending, Waitress, Managing, Office work, Health Ins. customer service, and worked in a Chiropractic office.
-Tried to garden.... Lets just say I dont have a green thumb!

-Dressed up as a Pumpkin, pregnant Nun, pregnant pumpkin, French maid, bunny, and more for Halloween.

-Dated Italian, Greek, and Irish.... love my Irish!
- Continued to stay a Catholic.

- Started my own Baking business out of my kitchen. The Crazy Cake Lady

- Entered the world of MINI-VANS! .. Yes we now own a mini van.

- Traveled throughout the USA, visited the British Islands on a cruise w/my ex-boyfriend (soon to later be my husband!)

- Finally stirred up the courage to get a bikini wax! (NEVER AGAIN)

- Had a lump removed from my breast.

- Went skinny dipping in Miami's South Beach.

- Saw Bruce Springsteen in concert. I LOVE THE BOSS~!

- Graduated from College (never went to my graduation - "just send me the diploma, please!")

- Bruised my ribs falling on my son's Thomas the Train ride on toy, which called for a visit to the ER in the middle of the night. (that was fun)

-Sadly experienced a miscarriage. Grossly experienced a colonoscopy.

- Became CPR certified in both adults and children.
- Danced so hard, I split my pants wide open!

- Flashed my boobs A LOT (before my mommy years).... those were some fun years!

- Had my hair cut & colored multiple times -been blonde, red head, jet black, short & long. Toes all different colors.

- Realized that I need to wear glasses ALL day long.

- Tried to drive a stick shift (car, that is), and was horrible at it....

- Stamped with a tattoo on my behind during my bachelorette in NY City! (With my Vail on, *NO alcohol was included... pure sober moment.)
- Cried, laughed and yelled many times throughout the decade.

- Lived in 3 different apartments before moving into my home.

- Saw Janet Jackson in concert. Miss Jackson if you're nasty! Saw Garth Brooks, Drop Kick Murphy's, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, and the Allman Brothers in concert. Oh -and K-C and the Sunshine Band, and Ziggy Marley.

- Tried smoking -that lasted for about 2 wks.

- Walked out of many movies, I didn't want to waste my time sitting through....

- Tried Chiropractic care.

- Had over $500 in parking tickets due to the city of Boston.

- Became an Aunt for the 10th time.

-Been a few car accidents...some others fault, some my own. (usually during the winter months)

- Created new friendships, ended some friendships.

- Oh, funny -had my car repode! LOL...that was a funny time in my life. (thought it was stolen)

- Been called Mama, mom, Les, mama les, daughter, friend, enemy, sis, auntie, and many others.

- Attended Cake Decorating classes.

- Been on a few blind dates.

- Taught my children their letters & numbers, their manners, and how to be emotional & impatient. (I have to work on that!)

- Listened to motivational speakers. Purchased motivational tapes (listened to them once, I have no idea where they are now? .... prob. should find them, they might help! LOL)
- Voted for the Presidency.
-Watched the Boston Red Sox win the World Series twice! And the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl 3 times!

- Drank cheap wine and expensive champagne.

I am sure there are much much more events..... And I am sure there is much more to come. I am looking into my 30's with open eyes. I am going to try my hardest to "LET IT GO" and learn to be flexible.... we'll see ..............................

My goals & promises for my 30's ???? ----

- Raise 3 wonderful children the best I possibly can.

- Continue to be true to my husband, kiss him often, and thank him for being my best friend.

- Live well, laugh a lot, and always remember how lucky we have it!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hormone cycles at 2 1/2 yrs old ???

Hormones are ragging..... Both for me, and my 2 1/2 yr old daughter.... I think we are on the same cycle! ... Its been a good 3 days of us fighting back and forth with each other. This seems to happen every 4-5 wks. (For the most part - some weeks are sooner, some are longer).

This week started off at our favorite shopping trip to Target. After we finished shopping we heading over for some "target pizza" which the kids asked specifically for (which is just Pizza Hut Pizza). Well, the lady informed us that they were OUT of pizza, and it would be a while before one was made....

This was her breaking point! ......

"I want PIZZA!" .... she started to scream. Mind you, she hasn't had a temper tantrum in MONTHS, and yet, for some reason all the planets were alligned and the time was right - she MELTED...... refused to leave the store, dropped down on the ground and cried at the top of her lungs. (sigh) I tried to have her stand up, I tried to pull her up, I tried to be nice....... "honey they DONT HAVE any pizza?!" .... finally we were actually making a sceene. I picked her up and put her on TOP of my bags in the carriage, I tried to push it while the babe was in her car seat in the front of the carriage, my bags in the back (which I dont even remember what I bought $) , and Tallula sitting on TOP of my bags, and I am also trying to hold my sons hand as we try to make our way through the parking lot.

Getting her into the car seat was a challenge. As another mom was getting into her car and yells over "Try to do it w/5, then its really difficult!" ...I replied to her useless support with a " No thanks, I am stopping at 3, this is all I can handle".

The car ride (thank goodness was only a few minutes) and my son reminds us that "She needs to go into a TIME OUT, when we get home"... yes, she does. She starts to scream even louder. My headache becomes stronger, and my skin is crawling.......

We get home, she sits right down on the time out mat in the kitchen and continues to cry, while I walk past her and bring in our bags, and the baby. We make a quick lunch, and they go for a nap.

Wakes up pretty happy.... so I am thinking we are doing good..... maybe she just needed to sleep off her mood.... NOPE! ---- 10 min. later back to breakdown mode. I had made them a bowl of ice cream, she melted down because she didn't get jimmies (sprinkles for all of you who aren't from New England).

This was MY Breaking POINT>........

She then looks at me and POOPS in her underwear on purpose!!!!!!!! .... I seriously thought there were flames coming out of my ears. I put her on the potty immediately, took off her undies, and threw them away (there was no way I was keeping that pair) , and I brought her bowl of ice cream into the bathroom, so she could watch me dump it down the sink!! --- NO MORE ICE CREAM! .......

That was 2 dys ago.... she woke up this am moody and demanding once again. This has been a long week. I can not wait for her to get over her period.